Food glorious food

Our insatiable appetite for cuisine & culture inspire our journeys into food and adventure.
From fanciful victuals to distant paradises, we’re ever enthusiastic for the lesser-known.
Here are our tales from where the grass is greener.


  • Yorkshire’s Food Capital

    Visit Malton :

    The revered Yorkshire food-town of Malton encourages visitors to experience the warmth and comfort of life in God’s own county, surrounded by rolling hills and the artisanal delights of indigenous food producers.


    From pasta makers to bread bakers, coffee roasters and beer brewers; Malton and it’s cafes, shops and restaurants bring intrigue and flavour to the usual delights of a rural excursion.

  • Wild British Venison

    from moorland
    to plate :

    Venison, like most game,
    is venerated as a health-affirming delectable: containing more protein than any other red meat and boasting a host of vitalising vitamins, this low-fat flesh is
    a flourishing domestic industry.

    Chef Lee Murdoch joins food pundit James Wellock on the moor, hot on the heels of red deer stags and eager to appreciate the bucolic relationship between the game keeper, the moor and the plates
    of hungry diners back in the restaurant.

  • Butterbees: butter with love

    Hand rolled butter – butterbees of malton

    Britain’s only butter shop craft the creamiest rolled butter, with a range of seasoned and spiced specialties found nowhere else.

    For the decadent and the indulgent, the glutton and the gourmand, may your eye take the first bite of this dairy delight.

  • Italy’s famous hard cheeses

    The very best Grana Podano and Parmigiano Reggiano.

    It’s some sort of alchemy, transforming milk into the world’s most iconic cheeses. Sixteen litres of milk produce just a kilogram of the Parmigiano Reggiano, which can be aged for up to three years in Italy’s silent maturation cathedrals.

    When you’re selling quality food to discerning chefs and restauranteurs, understanding the product and producer is vital knowledge. James Wellock meets the Zanetti family to learn their hundred-year history and passion for cheesemaking.


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  • Northern Monk ’Eternal’


    Since the 7th century monks have made us merry with their beverage brewing, with the brethren of Fountains Abbey making 60 barrels every 10 days.

    The gaunt cistercian ruin now runs dry, though the Northern Monk brewing company are keeping the tradition alive: following the monastic moral and quenching our thirsts with life-sustaining beer.

  • Topling - Biomass Energy Systems

    HEAting systems with
    a difference..

    Clean, affordable biomass energy is transforming agriculture.

    Farmers are employing innovative new practice to make their businesses more profitable, competing with international imports to keep domestic products available for consumers.


  • Cocoon

    smart home security

    Every tricky nuance of our lives breeds a new, ingenious piece of technology.

    In the age of the smartphone with wearables on the rise, protecting our homes with a single, simple and sleek device - with continuous connectivity - affords us the security to get on and enjoy life.

    On the back of a knock-out crowdfunding campaign Cocoon has been reviewed as “the best smart home security system you can by”.


  • Cartridge world

    Customer Focus, Forrest Medical

    In a consuming business environment the simplest of faults can be a real spanner in the works.

    With first-hand experience of these frustrations, Matthew Grant sings the praises of Cartridge World whose continuous auto-monitoring system facilitates the smooth-running of the Forrest medical centre.


Telling stories in sound and pictures, our short films are a broad church of heartwarming tales. From the factual to the fantastical we take great joy in sharing these well-spun yarns with a big audience.

Aberration Films Ltd, 49 Newbiggin, Malton,
North Yorkshire, YO17 7JE, UK

  • The Fallen - Lest We Forget

    Documenting the creation of a stark visual reminder of the 9,000 civilians, Germans and allied forces who died in Arromanches, Normandy in WWII.

    Award winning sculptors,
    Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss from 'Sand in Your Eye', lead an army
    of volunteers from around the globe
    on a sand scratching voyage for Peace Day 2013, revealing the extreme D-Day devastation
    of 1944 - the largest seaborne invasion in history.

  • No Guts, ...

    No Heart, No Glory

    Shaped by interviews with muslim female boxers and the young cast, the immersive production puts the feelings and life issues of these marginalised young people to the fore.

    Winning a Scotsman Fringe First Award in 2014, the production went on to tour internationally over 2015.

  • Discover Shibden Estate

    A short Documentary

    The rolling hills and manicured parklands of Shibden estate are home to a beautiful fifteenth-century, timber-framed hall.

    With a rich and fabulous history,
    the hall has been home to some intriguing bygone figures. Whether
    it be the grounds or architecture, interiors or practicing craft shops which draw you in, Shibden has something to inspire everyone.


  • Them Two Dance

    As Lord Byron said:

     ‘On with the dance!
     Let joy be unconfined’.

    Sauntering flamboyantly on their tandem bicycle Katherine and Connor spread the love, swapping dances for strangers’ kindness.

  • The Sand House

    Doncaster’s lost treasure

    The Victorian mansion hewn of solid sandstone which once drew crowds from far around has now disappeared back into the earth.

    Photographs show the magnificent scale and decoration of the house and it’s subterranean labyrinth of tunnels beneath Doncaster, though these memories are at risk of passing into legend.


  • The English Pocket Opera Company


    Musical thespians bring classical performance art to impressionable students across our foggy Albion.

    Subduing elitist preconceptions of opera, the fast-paced fun workshops get the young minds participating - with the odd roar of laughter as an unsuspecting teacher is dragged into the foray.

  • Heart of York

    British Heart Foundation:

    Thanks to Scarlet for helping us turn a dry safety briefing on its head with wall-to-wall off the wall ideas and quirkiness.

    Seven million people are living with cardiovascular disease in the UK,
    as the nation’s biggest killer, fundraising has never been so vital. The Hear of York is a 40 mile bicycle ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation. In this safety briefing,
    7 year old Scarlet explains everything a cyclist could ever wish to know.

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